Who is Delectable You?

Delectable You

Who is Delectable You?

Hi! I'm Lauren. I'm a health coach and healthy chef. I used to be a pastry chef, and though I've gone clean, I haven't lost my tooth for sweet. Since 2006, I have made it my mission to make healthy food taste good. When I'm not chasing after my 19 month old daughter, I'm in the kitchen, cooking and baking for her and my husband, and testing new recipes. The ones that are a hit make it to my website, Delectable You. Along with my recipes, you'll find videos to accompany them, and blog posts about life to go with your food. Hence the slogan, Delectable You: Recipes for Food and for Life.

One of my most popular recipes to date is my homemade gluten free granola, and my homemade grainless granola. I make it by the pound and sell it around Malibu. Now, you can get it made fresh - by me - and shipped to your home. No traveling necessary!

As the months go by, I will be adding more products to this store, along with my famous gluten free vegan, donuts, and my soon-to-be publishing vegetarian paleo cookbook, my favorite chef tools, and my customized aprons and chef coats.

If you have any requests, do let me know, and I will consider adding it to the store! Enjoy :) xoxo